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One summer day back in 1951, the first Land Cruiser, then called the BJ, started up the side of Mt. Fuji and accomplished a feat no other vehicle in history had managed to achieve. It climbed to Checkpoint No. 6, a spot so high up the mountainside it was thought to be unreachable by motor vehicle. The event signaled more than just the triumph of one vehicle over a formidable challenge. It marked the birth of a legend. Since its impressive debut, Land Cruiser has developed a loyal following unmatched by any other SUV in the world. From the rugged machine of those early days, to the model of refinement it is today, Land Cruiser continues to be a symbol of capability, innovation and quality.

Looking to compare the Toyota Prius against the competition? Here are a few ways in which the 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4X4 compares against the 2016 Lexus LX 570. To start, Land Cruiser V8 4X4 has 1100 more pounds of Standard Tow Capacity than LX 570. Put the power down, as Limited Slip Differential is Standard on the Land Cruiser V8 4X4, whereas Not Available on LX 570. Looking for comfort? Ventilated Front Seats are Standard on the Land Cruiser V8 4X4 while Optional on the LX 570. Finally, consider Comparably Equipped Price on Land Cruiser V8 4X4 is $4,605 less than the LX 570.

These are just a few areas where the Land Cruiser outperforms the LX. Learn more in the chart below, or contact a dealer near you today!

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Toyota Safety Sense™ P24

Toyota Safety Sense™ P24 combines an in-vehicle camera and front-grill mounted millimeter-wave radar for enhanced performance and more functionality. In addition to the three active safety technologies featured in the TSS-C24 package, TSS-P enhances the Pre-Collision System23 by adding a Pedestrian Detection function22, enhances LDA21 by adding a Steering Assist function20 on certain models, and adds Dynamic Radar Cruise Control19.